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Thank you for Visting Rodney Bateman / Big Daddy Photography.

I have an announcment the 2015 NSHA Show was my last. Last year I was offered a very good day job that started out has part time and now is a full time real person job. I really enjoy my new position at Central Coast Welding as their Estimator / Project Manager but the schedule of shooting horse shows and the job have become just to much.

I will miss you all. But I will truly miss the Cow Horse Community what a great group of people that are freindly, helpful and caring and that make you want to be a better person.

In Janurary 2016 I will drop all 2013 shows from my website and drop a year every year after that. I will always have the pictures that I have taken and you will be able to order them by email at

Please keep coming back I will start shooting Landscapes and Animal, and what I call Horse Art.

Looking for more Fine Art Works, Artistic Processing on big Canvas.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask..

Thank you

Rodney Bateman

Big Daddy Photography



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